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Brides from Russia

Why do Foreigners Choose Russian Brides?

  • They look after themselves. This is what distinguishes Russian girls from others. They pay close attention to their appearance and their figure. Plus, they love dressing up and looking stylish. It is a big rarity to see a Russian girl on the street without any makeup and not dressed up. It doesn't matter where exactly her path lies: going to a store, work, club. The place doesn’t matter, because they always strive to look good;

  • Russian girls are very good-looking. Not only do they look after themselves, but It is also no secret that Russian brides are considered amongst the prettiest women around the world even without makeup. Their beauty is a gift of nature;

  • They are extremely family oriented. Unlike European and American women, Russian girls tend to get married as soon as possible. Preferably not later than 30 years. If they did not marry up to 30, then it is considered a failure. This is what attracts foreigners in Russian girls. They want to know that when they come home from work, they will see a sexy Russian woman waiting, who will take care of you, feed you, and do anything possible to pleasure you;

  • Always read to overcome any difficulties. This is very special, because most of the girls don’t have a strong character;

  • Most of them aren’t feminists. By saying “most”, I mean like 99%. A lot of European and American guys suffer from feminism, because girls want to look independent, treating a man like a jerk. Most of them only care about their career and job, and never ask men for help, even if they truly need it. Russian mail order bride is different. They are always there for you and you can be sure that they will ask for help the moment you need it. You will always feel like a dominant husband, and they like it;

  • Intelligence is another key feature that they bring to the table. Russian brides are very wise. They always know when to talk and when to not, and you can always count on helpful advice. Even if they are unhappy with something, you don’t have to worry about scandals. She will just calmly talk to you about it and both of you will figure it out;

  • Incredibly liberated. There are some shy ones, like in any country, but most Russian girls will gladly do some new experiments with you in bed;

  • You can be sure that most of the Russian brides never lie/cheat on you. They never act like something that they aren’t, and they always tell you the truth;

  • They are very sociable. Foreigners don’t just want a sex toy, they actually need someone to talk to. Russian girls can be both your friend and your wife. This is great, because now you know that you will never get bored;

  • All of us know the “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” idiom. It suits Russian ladies very well, because they are great at cooking. They learn how to cook from the very early age, so you can always count on delicious food from you lovely wife.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride

How to Find a Russian Bride?

There are plenty of ways, but let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • Free Online Dating sites. Dating sites such as Free Dating seem attractive. Your profile with photos is placed on a separate page, and you do not have to pay to write letters to the girls you like - you can make contacts, chat, exchange email addresses, etc. It certainly isn’t the best way, because if the site is free, then there will be too many competitors and you might not attract the girls as much. However, it’s still a great way to start and try out your luck;

  • Marriage Agencies. Specialized websites of marriage agencies are focused on two specific audiences: male foreigners interested in finding a Russian female, and women wanting to marry a foreigner. As a rule, a marriage agency has an office in a large city, sometimes a network of branches in different cities. If the agency is located in Russia, then they work with the girls, post their profiles on their website, organize the correspondence, help with translations, etc. The services of such a marriage agency are usually resorted to by interested men - precisely those who seriously intend to find a Russian woman for marriage. The work of the international dating site is organized in such a way that men get the addresses of girls only after they pay a certain fee. If you do decide to pay for the address, then the girl will know that you are truly interested in her, so you can count on meeting up. Typically, clients of international marriage agencies are educated men from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France. These are representatives of the middle class, that is, people who have a well-paid job and therefore consider it normal to pay for high-quality service. Among them are often businessmen, technical specialists, programmers, doctors, lawyers, economists;

  • If you want to meet a Russian woman, but do not want to contact a marriage agency, I advise you to start with specialized sites for foreigners to meet Russian women (meaning Russian-speaking girls, including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.);

  • International dating sites. There are plenty of international dating sites, where people from all over the world communicate. This platform has the largest sites with a big audience. You can always use the filter and only search for Russian brides. Such sites provide various online services, such as chatting directly on the site, chat rooms and video chat rooms and many others. To gain access to most services, you need to pay for a membership. The fee is usually in the range of 15-50 dollars. The rest can only receive "greetings" from those who are interested in them. This method of dating gives good results, and in the very first days you will receive a lot of letters from girls. The possibility of active communication with hot Russian brides will give you a good practice in written and spoken Russian, inspire confidence in yourself and the belief that finding the right girl for you is absolutely possible if you really want it;

  • Specialized dating sites. You can try your luck or at least have some fun on dating sites that are designed for a specific audience;

  • Interest clubs. If you are passionate about something and would like to find a Russian wife who would share your interests, you may need to pay attention to the relevant dating sites. For example, these may be:

  • Dating sites for lovers of cats and dogs;

  • Dating sites for those who love sports;

  • Dating sites for single parents;

  • Dating sites for specific music lovers and so on.

  • Social networks. If you are a sociable, interesting person, you will surely find many friends in social networks. And, perhaps, you will find your soul mate. If you know Russian, you can try your luck at Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki. A lot of young Russian girls sit there. Also, be sure to check out Instagram;

  • The top way to meet a Russian bride is to actually fly to Russia and see everything for yourself. You will get acquainted with the culture, learn the language, and see how beautiful Russian women  are for yourself. There is nothing better than live communication.

The most important thing that you should remember: only you are responsible for your happiness. Neither online portals, nor agencies, nor professional international dating centers are a guarantee of your success. Only your perseverance and determination, the desire to be the best and achieve the goal will give results. Do not look for those responsible for your happiness, except for yourself. Do everything for your future. And if you have someone to help and tell you what to do at the right time - use the help if it comes from professionals.

How to Behave With a Russian Bride on the First Date

Many of the tips mentioned below apply not only to the first meeting, but also to all dates in general. However, this will be particularly helpful for the first date. If you follow them, you can be sure that you will excite any Russian girl and build successful relationships.

Take the Lead

Russian women prefer men to be relied upon, that is, they love leaders who know how to make decisions clearly and without delay. A man should listen to the wishes of the girl, but as a rule, they can be quite vague, and he will have to make choices on their own. No need to unnecessarily try to find out where she would like to go; women can react to this, say, not quite positively. Believe me, if a woman wants to go to a particular place, she will definitely tell about it or will give you a very intelligible hint.

Behave Confidently

Women have sixth sense and observation developed very well. They often really do see men through. There is nothing to worry about, it is their mechanism for choosing the best male. One of the most important qualities that women value in men is self-confidence. If a man is not confident, the woman will feel it. In this case, she will either be disappointed in him, or, if she likes him very much, will play along and go to the meeting.

Become a Source of Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are the basis of communication with girls. Women are very emotional beings, and your task is to create the maximum amount of various positive emotions. Be original and go the opposite. Most of the girls are invited to the cafe on the first date, and you surprise her and offer to go to the theater or to the exhibition. For greater effect, study the subject of the exhibition, interesting facts and stories related to this topic. Any girl will appreciate your erudition.

Dealing With Awkward Silence

In conversation, sometimes there is a pause, which is also called an awkward silence. As a rule, this happens when the interlocutors cannot continue the conversation. Quite often, some guys try to pause and start a new conversation, asking questions without stopping, which begins to resemble an interrogation that annoys absolutely all the girls. Awkwardness depends on you. When a pause appears in the conversation, the girl will look at you to understand what is happening. If she will figure out that you are really worried and you attempt to come up with a stupid question just to continue the dialogue - then she will be really disappointed. And if she sees that you are silent and enjoy what is happening, whether it is a walk or hot coffee, she will understand that there are no problems. This will be another proof that you are in control. And if she had experienced a slight awkwardness before, she will get rid of it.

Be Interested in Her Inner World

You should not just ask primitive questions about what kind of music she prefers, what movies she watches and so on. By asking a few general questions, you will understand how she lives and what really interests her. And already starting from this knowledge, ask questions and develop a topic. You will increasingly discover her inner world. Such behavior will cause strong sympathy, because she will feel like you are reading her thoughts and you are on the same page.

Do Not Rush Things

Always stay calm. This is the best that can be advised for a first date. Nowadays, when everything happens very quickly, everyone is trying to drag the girl into bed 20 minutes after the first cup of coffee. In short, if you hold out without this for a couple of days, she herself will drag you into bed. Just enjoy communicating with a beautiful girl.

Don’t Try to Kiss Her Right Away

No need to hurry with a kiss. It does not have to be on the first date, especially if the girl is not ready for it. You will then find yourself in a bad situation. Remember, when a girl wants to kiss a man, it is quite easily visible in her behavior. This happens unconsciously, and you need to be able to notice it. This may manifest itself in different ways, but there are also common signs typical of most girls. For example, almost all girls gradually reduce the distance. If it’s time for parting and you are standing very close to each other, this means that the girl let you into her personal zone, comfort zone. Of course, in addition to distance, you should pay attention to other factors: her emotional state, gaze direction, breathing and so on. Just don’t rush and everything will be fine.

What Women are Considered as Mail-Order-Brides?

The ones that are looking for love, but they are looking for someone outside of their country. This happens because the women might be unsatisfied with the men from their country of residence, or because the country itself is in a bad economic situation and they want to move on to a better place. Brides have a freedom of choice, so they don’t depend on anyone.

Are Russian Mail-Order-Brides Legal?

Despite a number of fake websites and scammers that just want to steal your money, Russian brides are completely legal. A lot of men from all around the world dream to meet up with a Russian bride because of how pretty and sexy they are. They are also crazy about their fascinating personal qualities.

Things That Russian Russian Singles Look at When Choosing a Man


A woman wants to see herself next to a confident, but not a cheeky man. The demonstration of strength and self-confidence attracts women - this is a sign that you know what you want in life and know how to get what you want. Confidence also suggests that you control your life, rather than go with the flow and not succumb to failures.

Gentlemanly Behavior and Good Manners

The first thing that women notice when meeting with an unfamiliar man is his behavior and manners. Sincere friendly smile, friendliness and easy distance - and women flock like moths on fire. No one can resist a gentleman with a disarming smile and beautiful manners that demonstrates not only interest, but respect.

Stylish Clothes

Women instantly pay attention to the appearance of the man, his clothes, and on this basis they accept the verdict whether he is worth attention or not. Sloppy, dirty, shabby, baggy or simply unfashionable clothes - and you will never become something more than a friend for her. This does not mean that you have a chance to please only if you wear costumes from Hugo Boss for a few thousand dollars. No, it's not about the brand and not about the price, just bad clothes - a sign that you do not care about your appearance, and you, by and large, do not care how you look. The fresh smell of cologne, a clean T-shirt and jeans on the figure, quality shoes - and half the way to the female heart is overcome.

Well-Groomed Hands

Many guys think that taking care of their hands is a non-men's business, they say, a real man’s hands should be rough, with reddened skin. Strong male hands are a fairly common fetish among women, so it is not surprising that most women will pay attention to this part of the body when they meet you. Well-groomed hands make a woman want to feel their touch and affection.

Tightened Figure

A taut sports figure is not the most important characteristic of a man for women, but it’s pointless to deny that it matters. A man who monitors his health, owns his body (and not vice versa!) And maintains good physical shape, is irresistible in the eyes of a woman. Not scary, if you are not folded like Vin Diesel - growth and muscularity do not play a big role. The main thing is not the initial data, but how a man manages them.

Motions and Gestures

In the end, actions speak louder about a person than words. Non-verbal communication rises above all the above points. This is a kind of shout for your upbringing and inner state. So avoid any gestures that might catch a pretty lady off guard. Do not make sharp, clumsy movements, do not poke a finger, do not put your hands on your chest and in the lock, it repels.


It is one thing to properly greet, quite another to keep the conversation going. Your body can exude a wonderful amber and the muscles rushing outward to seduce the ladies and envy the competitors, but it’s useless if you can’t communicate well. Therefore, increase vocabulary, engage in self-development and follow the language. Try not to swear and do not use bad language in front of a woman you just met. The culture of speech, at first, together with the appropriate wit, acts on the ladies magically. And if, for all that, you learn to control your timbre, you can make it more beautiful, you work on the rhythm and accents in the sentences, then your speech will become truly hypnotic. It is not easy to master, so it will take some time.


Generosity is a cross between stinginess and tranquility. He makes you gifts, leads on expensive restaurants - spender, is it possible to be calm with such a joint management? He does not give flowers, invites you to a cheap cafe, offers to walk in the rain, but does not call a taxi - something is wrong with him: either he is very poor, or just stingy and greedy. By the way, the concept of generosity should also include attention, compliments, declarations of love, praise and other intangible things.

Sense of Humor

Without a doubt, most girls would give their preference not to a whiner, not to a modestly silent sad introvert, but to a guy with the ability to joke subtly and appropriately. This quality attracts absolutely everyone.

Well-Groomed Face

Believe me, it is difficult to fall in love with a pimply face. If there is a problem - an intelligent man will solve it, and not ignore, referring to his masculinity. However, it is also true that guys who are too obsessed with their appearance also do not attract girls.

To win the attention of a woman you like, it is not necessary to have a bank account with a few zeros or a model appearance. It is enough to monitor your appearance and remain yourself in any circumstances. Women are attracted to men who do not adapt to the situation, but adjust it to themselves, remain sincere and do not hesitate about their feelings.

How Much Would it Cost Me to get a Russian Bride?

The average cost of pursuing a mail order bride is somewhere between $5,000 and $30,000. Everything else depends from a specific agency.


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